ABOUT ME - Soulman, optimist. Check out my "four eye'd soul" singer/songwriter adventures at Cookie Rabinowitz .

Need a Jingle or Custom Music?

here are some jingles/jamz I made for friends... catchy af ain't they?

Jingles & Podcast Music Services:

Making Your Audio Vision a Reality - Let's collaborate to create distinctive and memorable music that rocks with your audience and elevates your message!

The Vibe Vault

I'm excited to share my musical journey with you. I'll be presenting songs I've written and exploring innovative ways to release them through the internet and blockchain technology. This venture is an experiment, and I'm grateful for your interest. Thank you for joining me on this adventure as a music creator and tech explorer.


Connect with me for music inquiries, collaborations, or just to say hi! You can reach me via email or follow my journey on Twitter and YouTube.

Email: music@j6c6.lol

Twitter: @JsixCsix

YouTube: JsixCsix